The Glengarry Glen Ross Minute

Two guys chew over their favorite Mamet movie - one minute at a time.

Minute 46: Getting Cozy with Glenister

November 15th, 2017

Van “The Super Fan” Cahill starts us off with some encouragement, a recommendation and something Matt is unwilling to deem an actual observation. Bill has a bevy of costumes at home that he doesn’t use for anything but jokey-fun-times. Matt is staunchly anti dog/clothes. The fellas rejoice in (nearly) reaching the half way point. The oft maligned McDLT gets some four-finger, chatter this week. Bill wants to help get Matt checked in to Roma-addicts anonymous. Bill is tracking the part in Pacino’s half-hair/half-rug situation. Dave has been fibbing about the amounts he promised. George repeatedly wants to know why.  Nancy Kerrigan as George Aaranow. Shelly is back to banging away at the Nyborgs on the phone. And James Foley goes to town with this sequence. Lingk is looking at Roma lovingly, despite his, by Bill’s supposition, daily commute. Matt reiterates for the record that he “Hates everything about Bill.” Bill goes Glen Ross Farms while Matt sees himself as more of a Glengarry Highlander. We get housekeeping and a quote corner. Slater has some mundane thoughts on the Roma character.  Bill wants to get cozy with Glenister, who arrives out of nowhere in a very Beetlejuice-esque fashion. Bill thinks the boys should take the podcast  to London, Matt agrees. Would either of the fellas approach Mamet in a theater lobby?


Minute 45: Predators and Alibis

November 8th, 2017

Bill claims too much is never enough 'cause he's a hedonist, but Matt ain't buyin' it. The controversy surrounding a member of the film's cast reminds the fellas of The Jesus and somehow involves one of the Coreys. Matt wonders what to do when our heroes fail us. Moss admits he has a big mouth for his own gain. Matt gives a taste of the Como Inn while Dave's alibi is evaluated. James Foley is invited to join the fun. George declines Dave's invitation to rob the office. What is the maximum occupancy of the Bowl Rant? Does George's no mean yes? Is Mamet at the top of his game with this film? George stays in his lane because snitches get stitches. And finally, thoughts and prayers go out to the inimitable Mr. Glenister, whoever he is, for all he's been through living in Dave Moss's skin. 


Minute 44: The Mad Moss Bomber Strikes Again

November 1st, 2017

Ambient ice jingling noise satiates Matt’s anger... until he remembers Bill is to his immediate left. Bill doesn’t quite know how to properly enter a domicile. The top of this minute is just the tip of the Dave Moss being-a-huge-pile-of-shit iceberg. Matt has engaged in some B&E’s and Bill seems very judge-y about it. Bill hates smoking but loves the look of smokers. The mad Moss bomber strikes again, “Tonight is the thing.” Matt finds a bit of specious occurrence in the  progression of the pre-he-hemium leads. The boys imagine more Blake speech prep. Maybe too much, but since no one is listening... or reading this... fuck it. George doesn’t have a proper robbery outfit. Bill has never heard of an Abba Zabba. Matt provides a history of the hoagie for absolutely NO reason. Bill is an accomplice to the great Heritage’s cigarette heist of ‘89. Bill tells us how deliveries work. In a new show-low, we find out Bill’s top 5 slushy flavors and a VERY contentious “who would they play” ends the episode.