The Glengarry Glen Ross Minute

Two guys chew over their favorite Mamet movie - one minute at a time.

Minute 84: DON’T Say the Words

September 19th, 2018

The fellas start the episode by introducing a new game, that no one will enjoy playing or listening to… and they call it “Don’t say the words.” Bill brings some prop talk. Matt thinks if you’re not getting you’re giving. The fellas, once again wonder why Polish jokes were OK. Matt faces one of the more embarrassing moments of his life, and that's saying something.  Numerology gets really sad and weapon-y this week. The boys posit an innovative idea of swapping-in actual fat men, for nuclear weapons. Bill slept in the backyard 'cause he’s a grown man. The fellas briefly, welcome Peja Stojakovic to the podcast. The boys confirm that Shelly’s got a big mouth. Kevin Spacey gets his ass-kissed, but this time by two willing, middle-aged fellas. Bill apparently owns a business and sometimes wants to create a secretary. Spannel’s house is like a box of chocolates. Matt adore’s Bill’s “Shelly.” The fellas are too emotionally sensitive about this minute of the film and as a result, they practice psychological avoidance by engaging in a dynamic discussion of hard candies. Matt can’t extoll the virtues of pineapple enough. Our heroes end with a game as bad as the one they started with.


Minute 83: Permitzvah

September 12th, 2018

The write up guy is too drunk to work today. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Minute 82: You Are Quite the Plumb Bum

September 5th, 2018

The fellas approach the All-Female Glengarry cast hub-bub with some opinions and some trepidation. Bill is a combination of randy and also leaden, on this particular day. Matt thinks Bill is perpetually seconds away from ingesting peanut butter. Bill is miffed at the idea of a “general purpose” bomb and has to get an Eagles reference in at every turn. Our heroes wonder who the fuck is Lempkin? More brilliant hand acting from Mr. Al. The fellas imagine a GGGR Atari game and they are both very pleased. Bill tells a Ford CEO story. Baylen is, most certainly, “hangry.” Roma continues ripping John a few new ones. Matt is accepting of some “non-reductive” machismo in the work place. Bill hates the dynamics of the alpha/beta quandary. The fellas break-down each Roma-insult. Baylen is essentially umpiring this scene and everyone is “out.” Matt is really champing at the ole bit to play Baylen. Bill suggests that kidnapping might be within Ricky’s purview. Matt gets a little maudlin about the ever-approaching end of the film. Bill has to bring up the giant baby and Matt gets a little homicidal about it. Bill wants a Glenister that can fit in his pocket. The fellas finally answer an episodes-long thermometer question in a dynamic housekeeping.


Minute 81: What’s the Word? Thunderbird

August 29th, 2018

The glasses “tink,” then the bellies rumble, the head pounds. Yup you guessed it. The fellas finally get to try the oft discussed Thunderbird wine, to start the episode. A special thanks to Bill for bringing along the poison. Matt and Bill re-re-re-introduce themselves. Matt tells us about Shoji, the “Game of Generals” and imagine the salesforce might enjoy a game from time to time. Matt loves Talia Shire, but only in the pet store. Bill gets all mobbed-up. Matt briefly gets into the Hell's Angels. Bill talks Turkey. Dick “Night Train” Lane was more than just a suggestive nickname. Matt is so excited about the “stupid fucking cunt.” Bill is at a loss for words when discussing how broken Jim Lingk seems. Matt can't make sense of Lingk’s apology. Bill takes us, at long last back to Romaville. There’s no dramatic pause like a Ricky Roma dramatic pause.  Williamson is less-than-happy. Ricky is looking for a duel and wonders who told Williamson he could work with men. Baylen provides a little comic relief. Dave Moss would be the last man standing in the breakroom-clearing brawl. What would this podcast even be if there wasn’t some discussion of Mr. Pacino’s “hair?” In a WWTP that can only be described as shocking, John McEnroe gets cast. Droopy Dog makes Matt VERY uncomfortable.


Minute 80: Sperm Tie

August 22nd, 2018

Bill does not do his homework. The fellas are agog at how thermometers work and they’re downright irate at “ménage” numbers. Fuck you, Lucas. Matt hates the passing of the peace, a fact that surprises no one.  The fellas notice some 80/20 splits in their own movie watching habits. Our heroes discuss road-tripping  on I-80. There are so many Mokeskis to choose from. Bill doesn't seem to get the concept of 80-shilling ale, because it’s about... ale. This minute is a distressing minute for all involved, but no one does distressed like Jimmy Lingk. The shoulder pads in all the suits come up for the 943rd time. Matt and Bill discuss different translations of the text. Matt wants to play the role of Baylen in the worst way. Ricky’s understated dismissal of Jimmy’s question about the cops is goddamn hilarious. “Slight Burglary” is a good band name. Matt softens his stance on Ginny for a fleeting moment. The lurking Levine in the background is something to behold. The fellas can confirm, that Williamson is, in fact, a shit-head. Our dear, frail old-men hosts discuss a time when a body could drink right out of a garden hose. Jimmy Lingk begs Ricky not to follow him, mostly because he can't resist Rick’s charms. The fellas discuss the overly apologetic folks among us. Matt is so excited about the next minute that he can almost taste the stupid fucking c#@t.


Minute 79: Hours Of Wheezing

August 15th, 2018

“Where is Winegardner Wheezing” is discussed as a dynamic future podcast endeavor. Matt thinks Bill’s death is a beautiful bird. Bill is so excited to share his new jingle and Matt is… mildly amused by it. Matt bemoans having to drag Bill towards success. Matt suggests “Dusty Gasses” as a band name. Bill is suspicious about eating potatoes grown in Martian shit-piles. Bill’s shoulders taper like an evil villain which inspires Matt to suggest that Bill would make a fantastic Williamson. Unquantifiable units of time are a very useful tool in a salesman’s bag of tricks. Ricky is the only one that can give Matt an ASMR response and Bill judges him for it. Pat Morita gets his corral assignment. Jonathan Pryce gets his testicles dabbed with rosewater yet again. Ricky loves talking about train compartments and seems to have an extrasensory, k-9 awareness about the immediate future. The odd timing of the interrogations catch the fellas attention again. Here comes Ricky with his “3 days” bullshit again. Baylen is fucking hungry and he would like to get some lunch, but, as the Ricky-ism states, Rick will be with him “in a while.” Matt shit-talks the cops. Bill fancies himself a bit of a detective. Matt wonders why Bill doesn't know something that is such a part of our cultural fabric. The boys debate who were the better TV cops, CHiPs or Adam 12. Matt apologizes to the lunch box people.


Minute 78: Shelly “Life Support Machine” Levine

August 8th, 2018

Bill doesn’t know exactly where his microphone is and Matt says he probably shouldn’t be using a microphone in the first place. Bill’s alter-ego-hip-hop-mogul, origin story is born. We are overjoyed to present to you all, Mr. “li'l Silver.”  Matt loves the carol the 12 Days of Christmas, but could stand a few more Dancin’ Ladies. Tarot gets some love. Ricky softly says “tell you something,” but what he’s really saying is “Sell you something…”  Jonathan “nice” Pryce has got some range. Ricky’s darting eyes are tell-tale signs of the shit-storm that’s about to come rolling out of Williamson’s office. Pulling a Zumbo (going to get a drink if things are getting weird) is discussed in some detail. Zumbo implores the audience to make adult-drink suggestions for 2dubs. Li'l Ricky just wants to play ball in the house. Ricky’s “You know me” after 12 hours of being a mild acquaintance, is amusing. Baylen is a third wheel for the B, love-story. The fellas engage in some “extraordinary” GGGR, world-expanding imaginings. Matt has to explain to Bill that one mustn’t just play a jingle.


Special Guest: JoAnn Foley

August 1st, 2018

Bill interviews JoAnn Foley, Office Production Assistant on Glengarry Glenn Ross. She shares lots of juicy info and tidbits from the set along with some great anecdotes and memories of the cast. 


Minute 77: Roma’d by a Sneaker Kid

July 25th, 2018

Bill is always doing a podcast with himself, in his head. Matt doesn’t care for that particular podcast. Bill promises a heapin’, helpin’ of common decency with every friendship. The fellas apparently don’t remember podcasting several moments in the film, nor do they remember entire segments of their own creation… and one of them is very sober. Marky Mark would make a terrible subconscious. Matt is unimpressed by the minute this week. The fellas talk salesmen… AGAIN. Matt once got Roma’d by a sneaker kid. Bill displays impressive mathematics skills and Matt ALMOST gets to praise him for it.  Fountain pen nib tips are starting to get discussed almost as much as Spannel’s giant baby on this podcast. The Swedish Chef comes by for absolutely no reason. Matt contends there is NO defense of Ginny Lingk. The fellas diverge into a fairly major Housekeeping segment. Ricky is so attentive and compassionate with Jimmy in this minute. Apparently we are all gods speaking things into existence.  The fellas take a moment to eulogize Dave Moss. The fellas spend a few long minutes on the topic of Mr. Pacino’s hair. "Righteous Kill" splits the fellas just a bit further. 2Dubs throws in another Housekeeping segment, that actually isn’t a Housekeeping segment at all and this literally drives Matt mad. Bill then provides the sweet, sweet opiate of a Quote Corner to quell Matt’s agitation, and it works!?


Minisode 4: Comedian WWTP

July 18th, 2018

At long last, without further adieu, the fellas finally present the greatly anticipated, oft ballyhooed comedian themed #WWTP.  Sit back and enjoy as the boys use the humor of actually funny people to further obscure their own ineptitude. Enjoy!