The Glengarry Glen Ross Minute

Two guys chew over their favorite Mamet movie - one minute at a time.

Minute 43: I gotta get dat paper, boo-boo

October 25th, 2017

You can’t tee up the music of the soul. Bill thinks Matt’s segment needs a jingle and Matt is, as usual, anti-jingle. Matt reminds Bill that his Grandma “got down.” Cigarette machines continue to be a reminiscing point for our heros. Bill wants an agent smith multiplicity applied to George Aaranow. Matt wants the same with Roma, mainly for the aroma of Roma. Matt is done with the wet-Shelly-in-the-car motif. Bill, it seems, could sit and look at a wet Lemmon in a nondescript sedan for days on end, and Matt wants none of it.  Train talk resurfaces, this time in terms movie-shooting logistics. Mamet flexes his economy-of-language muscles with the brilliant Shelly phone call in this minute. Matt just finally says it this week, “Roma is beyond reproach.” Trumbo and Fink get some juice in a take-down of old-Hollywood-assembly-line style of move making. Bill is producing “Ride A Dong, Too.” The boys discuss where the six additional voice actors might have been heard in the film. Adieu till next week, that’s if the Kentucky slap around didn’t take too much a toll on the fellas.


Minute 42: Can O’ Corn

October 18th, 2017

Matt starts off perturbed with Bill... again, which Matt is starting to consider a public service, since one could set their watch by it. Vin Baker the slam dunk maker gets thrown to the wolves this minute. The fellas discuss all the delightful banter in the language this minute. The boys find their way back to the top of the minute at least 4 times thanks to Bill. Davey Moss swears that while this robbery is a crime, “It’s also very safe.” Spliffs and vapes and essential oils make up Matt’s very distinct and according to his partner Bill, “peculiar” odiferous situation. Bill goes on a little gun-control  jag which prompts Matt to go on a little fun-control jag. The TSA hates us because without us, they wouldn’t have to work as hard? In a revealing display of Bill’s lack of complex thinking, he asserts that there are two kinds of people, shoes-on folks and shoes-off folks. Cigarette machines were odd, magical machines to a child’s little eyes. Pull our handle and enjoy!!!


Minute 41: Flap-Jaculate

October 11th, 2017

The fellas are back and they are speaking, or rather talking about all things GGGR. The boys wonder whether the podcast is a failure? Answer: You’re goddamn right it is, but our hero’s persistence, it’s not my place to say this... is admirable. Chevy Chase gets some action this week. Moss continues to play cat, to Aaranow’s mouse. Bill is perpetually shrugging. Jerry Graff is essentially the Burger King to Premier Properties’ McDonalds. Davey drops a Moss-bomb in this minute. Bill brings a quote to quote corner that they’ve already covered, but worse than that, Matt reminds us that the quote corner jingle is still entirely too long. Bill plays the role of the gotcha journalism guy. Matt wants to make Glenngarry amulets. Finally and most importantly,  a VERY special and magical unicorn shows up to mercifully help the fellas end the episode. 🦄 💦🥞


Minute 40: Up Up and Away, My Yogurt Filled Balloon

October 4th, 2017

An ACTUAL hiccup side-tracks the fellas early. The boys churn out Seinfeld episodes ideas like it’s their job. Corporal Klinger gets some “who would they play” love this week. Ricky takes Jimmy Lingk for a walk around the block. Ricky is imploring James to live in the moment. Bill says he’s in innovation, which makes Matt wants to innovate getting rid of Bill. Matt isn’t sure what “balls feel like concrete” objectively means. Fear keeps us all out of the moment. The fellas take their best guesses as to the Lingk family’s financial situation. For the leads Dave!!  What could we get for the leads? All we talk about is the goddamn leads! Bill reminds us that you never want to go 🍩 ➡️ 🍺. Al, the barkeep, can be seen lurking in the background throughout this minute. In a GGGR first, our heroes get ALL THREE of their be-jingled corners/segments in this ONE episode. Be impressed people... be very impressed.