The Glengarry Glen Ross Minute

Two guys chew over their favorite Mamet movie - one minute at a time.

Minute 70: Exodus Omelettes and Ancient Guns

May 30th, 2018

The fellas talk about the Celtics’ dominance. Matt laments approaching the end of the film which also means the end of the podcast. Bill suggests that David Mamet would be sorely disappointed in them.  Matt is aggravated and Bill wants a nap (a potentially new podcast title). Matt has questions about this minute and about Bill’s obsession with floor-cleaning robots. Ricky is keeping secrets from D. Ray. Bill has always been a Mrs. D. Ray Morton, to Matt. More salt jokes this week. Matt wonders why D. Ray is going to Pittsburgh while Ricky heads to Mrs. Morton’s birthday bed. The fellas wonder why Ricky promises to take Jim to the VERY well-appointed Morton House. Dragon’s Lair gets some chatter. Ricky offers to buy Jimmy lunch, to smooth over the wrinkle. Ricky’s second signaling of Kennilworth is more “emphatic” than the last. Matt wonders why Shelly and Rick don’t just leave and go get on that scooter.  Ricky tells Jim all about women, again. The fellas housekeep for a sec. Bill reminds Matt that they exist in a post-truth world. 


Minute 69: The Back of What!?

May 23rd, 2018

Be forewarned, Episode 69 has the boys acting more adolescent than usual. Matt is nonplussed about Bill’s ACTUAL lack of housekeeping. Matt  hates Kevin Harlan, like a lot, and has questions about the back. Shelly and Ricky are really having some fun with each-other. Bill shares some of his puppet making highlights. Kennilworth is saved for the right moment. Bill imagines Shel and Rick on a Vespa together. Matt wants to communicate exclusively, via a Pacino puppet. D. Ray Morton is not getting on the “1:00.” The fellas struggle to recall an airport’s name. Shel slaps Ricky. Jim Lingk’s off screen sadness is debilitating. The boys discuss Mamet’s use of “the phone.” Ricky, out here, modern dancing.  Shelly wields the word Kennil-worth like a broadsword. The boys develop the foundation for the inaugural Mamet-con. We all get to visit Romaville and Bill wants Churros. The fellas get into a WWTP with the cast of WKRP in Cincinnati and they learn if Loni Anderson is Baylen, theres a room full o’ salesmen. Matt has some housekeeping and the boys express their gratitude to the listeners.


Minute 68: Dutch Scratchings and Ruse Hatchings

May 16th, 2018

Gonzo starts the episode off with a big-bang. Matt has a rather unsanitary first, to celebrate with the audience.  Bill hasn’t urinated since the Clinton administration. The boys are excited to talk about the Roma and Shelly improv scene. Bill claims that Shel’s minor stumbles are a bit of an issue. D. Ray Morton is a great made-up name and it prompts our man Bill to make some “salty” jokes. Matt suspects all the salesmen have a “go-to” alias.  Ricky knows what D. Ray is up to insofar as his restaurant habits are concerned. Lingk just really wants to “Winegardner” this whole real estate situation. Bill’s notes lead Matt to believe that Bill is developing some serious cognitive issues. The fellas discuss nonsense phrases like “sales and services” and “service features.” The boys have some improv tutorial tidbits to share. Matt does his best to ruin Bill’s super fun Quote Corner, but Bill endures and comes through it with flying colors.


Minute 67: Hey, geologists, that’s great.

May 9th, 2018

Matt is not a patient man. The fellas talk about Taj, and "The Fish Who Saved Pittsburgh" for way too long. Bill says he enjoyed "Black Panther" but then divulges a series of critiques. Ricky starts the con and it gets off to a bumpy start. Shelly shows dat bubble butt and oh do the fellas love it. The boys introduce “Mime Corner.” Shelly means business and doesn’t want any bullshit. Techniques for giving the bird are discussed. Shelly’s hubris is on full display here. Ricky cannot put down the leads. There’s a sudden return trip to Romaville. Matt wants us desperately to know that Kennilworth has to be a Chicago reference. Bill tells us about another in a long line of sad-sack stories. The fellas cast Stephen Root and Matt is caught unawares by a new jingle!


Minute 66: Soft Sells and Bubble Butts

May 2nd, 2018

The write-up guy is on vacation.