The Glengarry Glen Ross Minute

Two guys chew over their favorite Mamet movie - one minute at a time.

Minute 92: Don’t Never Tell No One Your Ideas

November 14th, 2018

Matt reminds Bill that not everyone wants the “flava.” Bill claims he doesn’t “trot in” from anywhere, and if he did, he’d step on a line, no problem.  Matt is upset (shocking) that Bill has discussed most of this minute in previous episodes. Uranium gets its day in the sun (run!). Dean-o swings by. Matt doesn’t like movies with temperatures in the title. DeShawn Stevenson’s tattoo anecdotes entertain the fellas. The LMR debate comes to a head today and after some unpleasantness (and maybe some higher volume outbursts, Matt, we’re looking in your direction), the fellas graciously find some common ground. Bill has dreams in which he can’t scream, conversely Matt has no trouble laughing about it. Bill makes a great observation about Shelly being powerless to communicate in this minute. Bill features a Glengarry themed parody song that has pleased Matt for decades. Bill housekeeps a fairly important film that the fellas omitted in the ’92 review show.


Minute 91: It’s All Belts and Ball-Sacks

November 7th, 2018

Bill sings Matt into a vicious malady right off the bat. The fellas are north of 90 and they can’t believe they find themselves in Denouement-ville.   Protactinium gets its half-life, moment in the sun. Matt is so done with the penny. George joins the fellas for the numerology segment. The boys apparently abhor the pumpkin innards. The minister of defense swings by, one Epstein too soon. Matt lays out the listener’s approach to Bill’s speedbump-itude. Shelly is trying to get out of jail with the old “I have a family thing” excuse. Williamson is a consonant lover. Roma cannot stop fiddling with that belt. Matt has had moments when he is actually unable to find “his couch, the living room.” Jagoff John might be a prime example of the “Peter Principle.” Matt suggests Kevin Greene for the Baylen corral.  Kevin Hart gets thrown to the Blake-wolves. Phone-tech Jimmy does some fine, fine work at the end of this minute.