The Glengarry Glen Ross Minute

Two guys chew over their favorite Mamet movie - one minute at a time.

Minute 82: You Are Quite the Plumb Bum

September 5th, 2018

The fellas approach the All-Female Glengarry cast hub-bub with some opinions and some trepidation. Bill is a combination of randy and also leaden, on this particular day. Matt thinks Bill is perpetually seconds away from ingesting peanut butter. Bill is miffed at the idea of a “general purpose” bomb and has to get an Eagles reference in at every turn. Our heroes wonder who the fuck is Lempkin? More brilliant hand acting from Mr. Al. The fellas imagine a GGGR Atari game and they are both very pleased. Bill tells a Ford CEO story. Baylen is, most certainly, “hangry.” Roma continues ripping John a few new ones. Matt is accepting of some “non-reductive” machismo in the work place. Bill hates the dynamics of the alpha/beta quandary. The fellas break-down each Roma-insult. Baylen is essentially umpiring this scene and everyone is “out.” Matt is really champing at the ole bit to play Baylen. Bill suggests that kidnapping might be within Ricky’s purview. Matt gets a little maudlin about the ever-approaching end of the film. Bill has to bring up the giant baby and Matt gets a little homicidal about it. Bill wants a Glenister that can fit in his pocket. The fellas finally answer an episodes-long thermometer question in a dynamic housekeeping.