The Glengarry Glen Ross Minute

Two guys chew over their favorite Mamet movie - one minute at a time.

Minute 90: Talk to Salesman and Chill?

October 31st, 2018

The episode starts with some Gonzo convo. The boys agree that they are now at the “right” angle. Bill not only enjoys puzzles, but is also a puzzle unto himself. Matt is once again thwarted by his partner’s sieve-like memory. Bill sings us a bar of “Ain't no good with eggs.” Matt has some real issues with soccer’s “stoppage time.” John Williamson finally admits to not liking Shelly. Bill admits to both having “Memo Fever” and also really not liking how John has handled the whole memo situation. Matt admits to not liking the whole Webb situation. The fellas wonder why the Nyborg lead is still in the “rotay.” Matt has long-held an erroneous assumption about the film. The fellas agree that the descriptions of the Nyborg’s house didn’t sound all that squalor-esque. Matt is taking the anti-fever stance, while Bill likes to power through any illness. Matt is still looking for a podcast feud.  Bill explains Shelly’s peculiar “Why?” Matt wants to point out once more that it WAS a pretzel and its called a “Diner check mint.”