The Glengarry Glen Ross Minute

Two guys chew over their favorite Mamet movie - one minute at a time.

Special Guest: JoAnn Foley

August 1st, 2018

Bill interviews JoAnn Foley, Office Production Assistant on Glengarry Glenn Ross. She shares lots of juicy info and tidbits from the set along with some great anecdotes and memories of the cast. 


Minute 77: Roma’d by a Sneaker Kid

July 25th, 2018

Bill is always doing a podcast with himself, in his head. Matt doesn’t care for that particular podcast. Bill promises a heapin’, helpin’ of common decency with every friendship. The fellas apparently don’t remember podcasting several moments in the film, nor do they remember entire segments of their own creation… and one of them is very sober. Marky Mark would make a terrible subconscious. Matt is unimpressed by the minute this week. The fellas talk salesmen… AGAIN. Matt once got Roma’d by a sneaker kid. Bill displays impressive mathematics skills and Matt ALMOST gets to praise him for it.  Fountain pen nib tips are starting to get discussed almost as much as Spannel’s giant baby on this podcast. The Swedish Chef comes by for absolutely no reason. Matt contends there is NO defense of Ginny Lingk. The fellas diverge into a fairly major Housekeeping segment. Ricky is so attentive and compassionate with Jimmy in this minute. Apparently we are all gods speaking things into existence.  The fellas take a moment to eulogize Dave Moss. The fellas spend a few long minutes on the topic of Mr. Pacino’s hair. "Righteous Kill" splits the fellas just a bit further. 2Dubs throws in another Housekeeping segment, that actually isn’t a Housekeeping segment at all and this literally drives Matt mad. Bill then provides the sweet, sweet opiate of a Quote Corner to quell Matt’s agitation, and it works!?


Minisode 4: Comedian WWTP

July 18th, 2018

At long last, without further adieu, the fellas finally present the greatly anticipated, oft ballyhooed comedian themed #WWTP.  Sit back and enjoy as the boys use the humor of actually funny people to further obscure their own ineptitude. Enjoy!


Minute 76: Anything you want, except for that one thing you keep asking for

July 11th, 2018

Cord-cutting patter, starts the discussion this week. The fellas wonder what life would be like if LeBron lived next door with Wayne. Bill is drunk on his own pain. Heavyweight title bout, “Glenister Vs. Mason, The Argument at Parliament” gets some talk. The fellas get to a WWTP early, in the aid of one Mr. Walter Matthau. Bill would prefer to be the Shi-poo-pi guy. Matt, acting as both Sean Bradley apologist and Hillbilly advocate, ushers us through another award winning numerology segment. Baylen starts the real monosyllabic fun. The boys wonder why the interrogation of D.Ray/Shelly took no time at all. Baylen is NOT Ricky’s friend. Where is Jimmy Lingk going in such a hurry? The fellas cast Leonard Nimoy and discuss Spock’s potential prowess in the boudoir. Ricky promises anything you want, except for that one thing that you want. Salesmen and strippers, work within the same parameters. Bill is never allowed to name a strip club. Matt brings the eclectic and surprising 2019 Hollywood Walk Of Fame class to the table. Congrats to Mr. Arkin. Listen as the fellas explore what Alan Arkin’s take on Al Capone might sound like.


Minute 75: Mean Joe Green and Levine, The Machine

July 4th, 2018

Apologies. The write-up guy is celebrating his independence today, The Como Inn, a friend. He does, however, implore you to enjoy this week’s Episode thru the miasma of patriotism.


Minute 74: Sus… Co…

June 27th, 2018

Lotta Baldwin to start things off this week. Mid-afternoon meals and going to them is discussed at length. Bill loves the acting in this minute. Baylen was probably getting a little anti-Semitic in that back office. Shame on you Baylen. All George wants to do is work. Williamson has no idea when the sales force needs a snack. John is a Cheetos vendor. The Gestapo really put the polish on anti-semitism.   Ghallager makes a return. Matt puts out a reminder that Bill was against WWTP early on in the podcast.  Everyone wants George to leave the room. Alan Arkin killed his acting exercise. Ricky and Rory go on a sit. #Donaldson. Matt brings the longest quote corner you’ve ever heard. Bill doesn't care for religious shapeshifting in his GGGR. The fellas realize that they’ve just been doing an excruciatingly long talk-back this whole time and Mamet now has more reasons to hate them. Bill’s default resting face is one of concern.


Minute 73: Ricky’s Word Salad is Well-Tossed

June 20th, 2018

This is an official warning: At moments in this episode, Matt’s level of frustration with Bill reaches “P-dupes-2.” Matt is offended by Bill’s big belly dance AND his pate. Bill doesn't care about the GGGR Minute uniform and Matt is less-than-pleased about that. In any case, Matt looks great in his uniform.  Bill is an ersatz syphilis and he references vajazzling out of nowhere, so 2dubs is still doing 2dubs things.  Blah blah, Rodman, blah blah. The fellas finally settle into this dizzying minute. Ricky’s word salad is well tossed. “GGGR Phrases, The Soup” is born. Jude Ciccolella makes a triumphant return as Baylen and brings all the shit that the fan can handle with him. Matt hates the audition monitor, and Bill loves to monitor auditions, and this alone is all you ever need know about them. The VERY judgmental audition monitor is born. The fellas praise the camera work in this minute. We all collectively ask, “Who the fuck is Donaldson?” But the mere mention of him ushers in the return of Glenister, so, WELL worth it. Matt gets really upset with Bill, again. The fellas try to mend fences with a Housekeeping. For better or worse, the Kapono-cast is becoming more and more a reality.


Episode 72: “I Don’t Understand? You Don’t Count Saturday. And What, Would Have Elapsed?”

June 13th, 2018

Bill’s mouth noises have Matt on edge and not just his words this time. The fellas compare the podcast to different kinds of hugs. Bill’s pelvis abhors a Hoover. Kopono’s number confounds the boys. The fellas contemporize a long standing sports nickname. Matt talks glowingly about “Arrival” but Bill hates the space squids. Ricky’s attempted misdirects are absolutely laughable in that he doesn’t understand how days work. Bill fills us in on John H. McGlinchy, whoever he is. Ricky Roma prank calls a pizza shop, much to the chagrin of the pizza shop proprietor. Matt wants to sing Jonathan Pryce’s praises. The fellas take Spielberg down a few pegs cause, someone’s got to. The boys are back to arguing about “The Edge.” Matt loves starting from an adversarial place. The boys cast Richard Dryfus cause Bill hates Holly Hunter. Bill drops a few names and spies a muscled republican, on a bike while on vacation. Matt gets concerned about the moral aptitude of the folks in the corral.


Minute 71: Dot-Matrix Printed, Motivational Signs

June 6th, 2018

Bill starts the show by waving Matt off, which Matt does not accept favorably.  Leon Redbone pops by for a sec, which is always a treat. The fellas discuss the short-shorts era in the NBA.  Pacino is still the best hand actor we’ve ever seen. Ricky’s fabrications are getting more impressive as the con continues.  Jim gets activated for a moment. Ricky struggles thru these moments but uses modern dance to express his utter disbelief.  Jonathan Pryce is glorious. A very helpful secretary, tries to give Ginny Lingk a word to the wise.  This sparks a stand alone “Ginny Movie” idea from the boys. The fellas discuss a part of the office that we haven’t spent a lot of time in before now. Aaranow pitches in, making the printed motivational signs.  The fellas talk about the perforations in early printer paper, cause why not? Our heroes get into a WWTP to cast a “Ginny.”  Bill is Anti-Fonda and cant get past his own barriers. The fellas get some help from the @Scotthdc out of the GGGR twittersphere with a whole cast, re-casting.  The fellas got GIFTS that they absolutely did not deserve (thank you @SReyngoudt). Bill starts everything he does with a step backward. The Romaville Cheesy Jingle Singers get brought to the fore, submissions forthcoming. Bill wants every “U” to be liquid.  Matt wants all his lunches to be liquid. 

(Matt wants everyone to know it’s his birthday and that anything from the Johnny Walker family of scotches can make the perfect gift for the perturbed, executive podcaster in your life.)


Minute 70: Exodus Omelettes and Ancient Guns

May 30th, 2018

The fellas talk about the Celtics’ dominance. Matt laments approaching the end of the film which also means the end of the podcast. Bill suggests that David Mamet would be sorely disappointed in them.  Matt is aggravated and Bill wants a nap (a potentially new podcast title). Matt has questions about this minute and about Bill’s obsession with floor-cleaning robots. Ricky is keeping secrets from D. Ray. Bill has always been a Mrs. D. Ray Morton, to Matt. More salt jokes this week. Matt wonders why D. Ray is going to Pittsburgh while Ricky heads to Mrs. Morton’s birthday bed. The fellas wonder why Ricky promises to take Jim to the VERY well-appointed Morton House. Dragon’s Lair gets some chatter. Ricky offers to buy Jimmy lunch, to smooth over the wrinkle. Ricky’s second signaling of Kennilworth is more “emphatic” than the last. Matt wonders why Shelly and Rick don’t just leave and go get on that scooter.  Ricky tells Jim all about women, again. The fellas housekeep for a sec. Bill reminds Matt that they exist in a post-truth world.