The Glengarry Glen Ross Minute

Two guys chew over their favorite Mamet movie - one minute at a time.

Minute 64: Not all vampires are salesmen, but all salesmen are vampires

April 11th, 2018

Matt helps Bill out of his imposter syndrome and then helps him back into it. Gonzo makes his GGGR debut. Shelly is locked all on the Nyborgs, nothing on him. Matt praises the direction and camera work while again reiterating his LMR argument. Bill is the slumper AND a slump seer. Anyone looking to unleash their pent-up, giant baby thoughts, @billwinegardner is ready for you! The fellas liken the salesforce to a bunch o’ vampires. Then they discuss what it is to have solemnities. Why didn’t The Machine notice the sideboard at first? The boys announce their new project, “The Cyborg, Sideboard hour.” Bill is dealing with some PTSD from abusive, early episodes. Mamet’s work is so lean. Bill notes that Dave brings you “in” by leaving things “out.”  Shelly and Ricky shake hands like men. Bill tells us all about the time when he got Stroehecker’ed and the boys rank the probable handshake techniques of the salesforce. The fellas incept a housekeeping within a housekeeping. Matt has a fuel cell that runs on conflict.  Matt realizes that Bill is already at peak performance, but it’s OK, 'cause he’s got a real dandy handshake. 


Minute 63: Replete With Pleats

April 4th, 2018

A new segment, “What’s Botherin’ Bill?” is born, and in the maiden voyage, Bill whine-asks the question, “Where are my play toys?” Li’l Roma is the dream that turns into a nightmare for Matt. Bill vows to do something pro-active for the first time in… well prolly a really, really, long while. The legend of Coty Clark is born, and dies just as quick. Matt is super excited about what minute 63 means to his LMR (legit mutual respect) argument. Matt is a casualty of the contemporary language and gets ALL bound up on the phrase “pussy-foot.” Shelly is NOT pussy-footing around, even when fumbling with breakers in the basement. Matt hates a pleat, and the fellas break down the suspenders in this minute. 22 minutes is a long time to be holding up a pen. Shelly is blasting his delts. Bill breaks down what exactly is the “friendly end” of a pen. Harriet and Blah Blah are VERY uneasy about the salesman statue sitting at their kitchen table. It's like pulling teeth for Matt, attempting to get Bill to apologize. Bill, as usual, prematurely wants to end the minute. Matt wants the new jingle. Bill shares some more theater stuff but this time he saw it in a moving picture house. The boys slip in one of the shortest housekeeping segments ever, and follow it up with a WWTP that takes them all over New York City and into your living room, circa 1980. The fellas have a blast recreating the WTF interview. If anyone’s reading these, tweet “You stupid fucking cunt” to @gggrminute… and then please go for help… wait, first order me up some fried-rice, THEN go for help. Thanks.


Minute 62: Here We Are, Face to Face, A Couple o’ Brass Balls

March 28th, 2018

Bill innovates systems of his own imaginings, he also thinks snow storms are a waste of time, so Bill hasn’t missed a beat. Matt takes us down to the Samarium area. The fellas discuss metals, magnets and kabuki drops. “Guy McIntyre, Noir Offensive Lineman” is born. Ricky gets REAL comfy as Shelly starts telling the war-story and Matt is ON BOARD!  The fellas discuss the “stats” for entirely too long. Crumb cake, from the store gets its day on the shelf.  Glenister gets the GGGR bump though that probably doesn’t mean what you think it means.  The fellas discuss the sales protocol. John C. Riley gets corralled in this week’s ACTUAL WWTP. Bill doesn’t like Hoffa and dodges any responsibility for not having produced a new jingle. Bill considers the podcast a “me” situation while Matt considers it an “us” situation.  Bill’s only attempt at being logical is scatalogical. The fellas break down “the guy on the train” metaphor and ask each other an important moral question. We learn that Bill is a stand-up guy and Matt is less than a stand-up guy. No one is surprised. Bill gives us the Welcome Back Kotter WWTP and secretly longed to be a sweat hog and Matt does his best to stay… awake.  The “Silver Spoons” theme is discussed for literally NO reason.  


Minisode 2: Mamet’s WTF Interview

March 23rd, 2018

The fellas recap and review David Mamet's interview on a recent episode of the WTF podcast with Marc Maron. 


GGGR Inaugural Minisode

March 14th, 2018

Using a recent article as a springboard, the fellas rank the major performances in the film. The results may surprise you.


Minute 61: We’re all on a spectrum of “fucked-UP”

March 7th, 2018

Buckle-up for a marathon episode of the GGGR minute. Matt wants to clear the air and Bill mocks him for it. Coen bros. movies are playing in Bill’s head, on a continuous loop. Matt would bring Marvin Gaye to Bill’s house to prove a point. The air is cleared... until it isn’t again, because Bill doesn’t know Dylan’s highway61. This whole place stinks with Bill’s farce for (at least) a week. In this minute, Davey gives us the best exit in movie history and maybe the rangiest  bit of acting in the film.  Bill, “The Fizzler” takes us to a very sad place. An early recipe for Pacino’s famous “whoowahh” may be found in this minute. Wait, which direction exactly is Dave fucked, Rick? The boys take a respite from the minute to grind a little Barry Pepper onto the ever growing WWTP entree. Moss and Rick continue their bickering. Glenister tops the “I need to initiate litigation with the GGGR minute podcast” list. Ricky and Bill both have the memory of a fucking fly. “Have a good trip” is the last straw. Ricky smirks at Dave’s antics. The segment “Bill’s Hob-nobbery” is born... maybe? Mandy P comes by for a visit. Bill genuinely seems to have a stroke right in the middle of this podcast. F. Murray is better than a La-z-boy. Ed Harris is astonishing. The fellas pick their GGGR, end-times, apocalypse buddies.



Minute 60: Li’l Ricky and the Moss Train

February 28th, 2018

What are the fellas babbling about this week? Well, it’s Roma and Moss coming to loggerheads. The fellas need a small child to punch up the cute factor for the sake of ratings. Matt needs a minute after handling Bill’s microphone. Burt Lancaster gets cast this week. Shelly just can’t get thru his war story. Dave is fighting back what seems to be gallons of anger spittle. The boys have some fun with a new song Bill made for funsies (that’s @billwinegardner) Matt helps us all understand the lack of vocabulary that comes with rage. Bill wants to tickle Ricky’s flabby jowls, but only in the dark, for his wife’s sake. Matt, surprising no one ends the episode angry...he is bloodied but unbound and loves when the Moss Train is inbound!


Minute 59: Deuteronomy!? Deuteronomy!?

February 21st, 2018

Bill, not surprisingly, sells Matt out AGAIN, to start an episode. The fellas have a new million dollar merch idea. An early WWTP  brings Mr. T into the fold but not before some good old-fashioned bickering. Matt might be a racist. There’s no number 59 worth discussing. Bill re-innovates “Cats” as effectively as he innovates everything else.  We’ve all got a mean streak in us. The fellas love how nonchalantly Ricky speaks about the robbery. Shelly just wants to get thru his war story. Dave doesn’t know which end is up. Matt has to shut-down a future WWTP. Alan Arkin steals the scene with an incredible economy of lines. Pacino, forever slouched, performs some the best hand acting that you’ll ever see. The phrase “None of my business..." absolves Ricky of all blame and it’s beautiful. The fellas get into some candy casting. Bill often winds up in the pedophile zone. Wilfred Brimley gets thrown to the all the grey wolves that occupy the Shelly corral, as the fellas bookend this minute with another WWTP.


Minute 58: Comin’ in Hot

February 14th, 2018

Bill is riding high after the big Eagles' Super Bowl win. The fellas discuss the coming misfortunes of Davey Moss. Bill has no clue what his mattress consists of. Matt wonders what he should do with all the money in his mattess. Wait, the cop has two whats and a map? Dave is deluded enough to believe he did not rob the place. Ricky will not stop poking the Moss bear. The Nyborgs finally open the checkbook. Dave is specious about the timeline of Shelly’s big sale. The Machine has to wait in the car, again. Graff is ready to do business all hours of the night. Shelly needed the boost of the robbery to get his brass balls back. The fellas talk about how no one wants to hear “war-stories.” Matt sings a “Fuck you, Dave” song. Elton John, The Beastie Boys, and James Taylor are invited to help the boys with the upcoming jingle mix-tape. Bill has us all wishing for the sweet relief of death with some more 3-act talk. Along with the help of some inexplicably interested and hilarious listeners, the fellas achieve critical-mass in WWTP’s this week.



Minute 57: To boldly go… and get the chalk

February 7th, 2018

The fellas are very excited about the “get the chalk” minute. There’s WAY too much time spent on the pronunciations of “katsup” to open the episode. Shelly comes in with the greatest victory cry known to man. Shelly’s subterfuge has Matt at sixes and sevens. A new day is dawning for Shelly. Lunch break comes up quick at Premiere Properties. George is so earnest and true in his congratulations of the machine. Is this the first utterance of “the machine” that occurs in the film? Hollywood always has the bad guys, bald and smoking. The fellas want to know what exactly is happening to the sales force in Williamson’s office during the interrogations. The boys attempt a “who would they play” with the “non-fruity” Star Trek cast and surprisingly, it works pretty well. Set phasers to fun and flowers for Algernon are the apparently the best old man jokes one can hope for. We can see just over the horizon that a storm cloud of anger and marlboros is fast approaching and that cloud’s name is Davey Moss. Stay tuned!