The Glengarry Glen Ross Minute

Two guys chew over their favorite Mamet movie - one minute at a time.

Minute 69: The Back of What!?

May 23rd, 2018

Be forewarned, Episode 69 has the boys acting more adolescent than usual. Matt is nonplussed about Bill’s ACTUAL lack of housekeeping. Matt  hates Kevin Harlan, like a lot, and has questions about the back. Shelly and Ricky are really having some fun with each-other. Bill shares some of his puppet making highlights. Kennilworth is saved for the right moment. Bill imagines Shel and Rick on a Vespa together. Matt wants to communicate exclusively, via a Pacino puppet. D. Ray Morton is not getting on the “1:00.” The fellas struggle to recall an airport’s name. Shel slaps Ricky. Jim Lingk’s off screen sadness is debilitating. The boys discuss Mamet’s use of “the phone.” Ricky, out here, modern dancing.  Shelly wields the word Kennil-worth like a broadsword. The boys develop the foundation for the inaugural Mamet-con. We all get to visit Romaville and Bill wants Churros. The fellas get into a WWTP with the cast of WKRP in Cincinnati and they learn if Loni Anderson is Baylen, theres a room full o’ salesmen. Matt has some housekeeping and the boys express their gratitude to the listeners.